I finished !

tough beginning......but finished

I am the old gal who bought the game and had a tough start......I was very frustrated and was told (almost) by some of you younger folks that I might be too old etc. etc. -----Well, I am happy to report that I did finish this game. It did take me 6 weeks, several hours a day to do so, but I finished. I even went back afterward to acquire pets and some of the mini bosses I'd passed up. I spent almost one week trying to kill each BOSS, and almost gave up many a time.
I was determined though and w/ much outside help from internet, I approached each Boss as a tactician would a major battle. I even moved my dining room table next to the computer so I'd have more "mouse room". I'd get so excited my mouse would fly off my desk during a heated battle. I loved this game. I worked so damn hard to kill the final Boss that when the ending came, it was very appalling. Like, what the Hell? This is IT? SOOO, this is what I did not get......I missed one pet. I missed getting up beyond the Veil. I reached the top bubble, but could not reach the highest to get the prize. This I tried after all was finished repeatedly, but could not master. I hated to let go of this game, but since I have now scoured all ends of it, I am done. I wish to say, I spent a whole day trying to climb up to the furthest east side of the veil......to find nothing there worth the climb. No Nirvana. I tried it earlier and went back once completed to try to finish it......I fully expected that would get me to the one area I wished to reach and failed. Alas, huge disappointment. I will still say no one could do this game completely, totally, in a ten hours as I've seen people say. And I am not saying , as one idiot suggested, that I am "all that" in gaming. I am new to this venue and and old fart to boot........I will state that this game, if you picked it up and had not read one thing about it-----would take even an expert gamer much longer than 10 hours to complete, FULLY. So to that idiot I say, You exaggerated -----totally, your expertise. Still, I adored the challenge. I was in Apple Store recently and sang the praises of this game to another customer. I'd say, considering it took me 6+ weeks , I got more than my $30 worth.
And then some. It took over that period of my life, for sure. But I sure enjoyed the heck out of it ! I am actually now prepping to hit New Game, since I've covered all corners except the very top. Knowing what I know, I dread going back, but hopefully, this time it will take me only 3 weeks ! Marvelous game , even for the older peeps like me.

Well let me be the first to congratulate you on completing the game! You have proved that Aquaria is a game for people of all ages.

Applauds Glad to see you enjoyed it. I also loved the game. great job on completing it!