A New Universe

I wonder what most of you here are going to make of the universe that is EV3.

You can be sure that it'll be huge, and well realised. After all, didn't Welch say that the amount of text in the game and in the background and other writings is enough to make a large novel?

I think that all the old UE vs Voinian vs Strands, or even the Confeds vs Rebels beat-ups that I see around the place are going to pale in comparison.


(url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/games/ev/chronicles.html")The EVO Chronicles: Tales of Life with the Blast Shield Down(/url)

Rebel vs Confed is a classic, it may not have as much depth, but so many things in the original universe reminds me of Star Wars, which IS a cooler universe than any universe ambrosia puts in EV3, despite how many authors messed it up, and episode-i being kiddish, it was still kick ass. And yeah, I think I made my point... what ever it was. Oh yeah, GO Mariners!

Chaotic outbursts rule!


yeah, I agree, the confed vs. Rebel storyline was a classic, even though the depth wasn't too great. The UE vs. Voinian vs. God knows how many other alien civilisations which were all deathly dull storyline was, infact, deathly dull, and paled in comparison to feds vs rebels from day one.
I am really looking forward to EV3, even though it probably won't run on my 630 (68LC040 processor), but I'd love to see a conclusion to the feds vs. rebels, then the start of a new storyline. They could do a lot worse than that. But even if the confederates and the rebels are gone for good, I wouldn't be too sad. As long as the ship and weapon design is as good as it was in EV, because it was appaling in EVO - missiles that were deathly slow and oh so easy to avoid, ships that look like 3-year olds' toys, and sound effects that were just awful. I found them so bad that I switched them off. EV is still the benchmark, EV3 has to surpass that, not EVO.


It wouldn't surprise me if they mixed some classic elements into the game, though given how huge EV3 will end up being, it'll probably make up like one major plotline out of several.

Which makes one realize how awesome it will be. 🙂


You may call the EVO ships childish but you have no idea how much more dtailed they are compared to the ships in EV. On EV most of the ships seemed to be made of basic shapes, granted the ships looked nice but the detail is far higher in EVO, especially on ships like the Igazra, they may not look like much in the game but this is partly because of the 8-bit graphics engine, if you open the designs up ina graphics program like Infin-d and rendered them at a larger size you would see what I mean.