How much, in today's currency, do you think the credits are worth in EV? In Babylon 5, I heard that one credit = (about) one British pound.

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Well, I think that the two are like apples and oranges. We don't really have anything in real life to compare hauling 20 tons of medical supplies to a planet 5 systems away. 😉
If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say 1 credit is about 3 cents. That would make doing a passenger shipment about $300, though, so its probably less than that. Oh well.


So a spaceship is worth 300 dollars too? or a confed cruiser is 600,000 dollars? I'd think it would be a lot more than that, todays military fighters cost millions of dollars a piece. I think the missions give you way too much money.


Well, if you think about Inflation, I'd say each credit is a million dollars.

It's funny how people running for president spend $60 Million for a $175,000 a year job.
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i agree with chamrin.

you can buy drinks for 5 credits: 15 cents.

missions give way too much $$$, or the ships are underpriced


if you assume that the technologies have been around for a while (which ev does), the ships available should be priced comperably to cars today. i'd say credits are about $3, which would make a shuttle about $30k in today's currency, which should be about right. of course, it all depends on when ev assumes spacecraft became commercialized. my $3/credit is based on today's flow of technology plus some uncharacteristic optimism about the future of privatization

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i think there about the same.
'cos the amount of money you get for missions is the right amount 'cos space is dangorous and with danger comes expence.
Ships would be expensive, thinking about it imagine how expensive a hypedrive would be.
Jets are expensive today and the average person can't afford one it would be the same with hypedrives.