this is for people that are too lazy to make make a plug so they request a plug. the rules are

no more than 10 ships,no more than 30 outits,has to have atleast one alien ship
,each one must have a person named Sargeras2000,as many people,plants,stations, and systems may be made,and each plug needs to be emailed to me and the person that requested it.


Huh? What are you talking about? Plugins aren't made in this way - plugins take time, dedication, and creativity to complete; they aren't made in this 'ask-and-recieve' way. Don't expect any self-respecting plugin developer to actually make a plugin this way.

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What on Earth are you talking about??

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Excuse me, I think you were hit by a Stunning Spell. Why don't YOU make a plug like that and send it to us??

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Wow. What a self-centered post. You're acting as if you're god of the EV universe. Plugins don't magically appear out of nowhere. I tried making one myself, spent three weeks on it, then gave up in despair. Don't EVER take developers for granted, you fool.

-mad cow disease