When does it all end?. . .(Oreste plug-in). . .

OK. I've come to the Kr'Wgh "surprise" and I've been trying to find the end of this string. I've destroyed about a half-dozen Interdictors and landed at different planets, but there's no end in sight. Does it really end?

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I don't know for sure but I read in the mission string and I think that you go to the Aelian planet that you dominated and go to the spaceport bar there.


Your standing in line,
a very big line,
And you have a gun,
a Big Freaking Gun,
Gee now what do you do?

I never actually finished the Oreste plug because the missions have too many bugs and wrongs in it...I didnt even get past the recruiting mission where you have to destroy a Alien Cruiser without fixing the mission up... When a plug isnt free of bugs I dont play it......Thats how simple it is...
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