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New players vs. jaded "old" players

I think this shall be my last post on this forum, (I am sure you will all be happy to hear that)---but before departing, I want to remind those of you who have moved on to other new games that there are those of us , like me, for whom this game is spanking new and frankly awesomely not playable without help/spoilers. I cannot imagine anyone but a genius getting thru this first crack in a couple of I've seen some brag about. I do not believe it possible and would accuse anyone saying they did so an outright fabricator. If so, KUDOS & apologies.

I am new to this game, to this type of game. I probably should have stayed with Poker or Scrabble, but I like games, and the trial was intriguing, so I dove in...pardon PUN. -- AND, to the person asking my AGE, as if that has anything to do with gaming, I am 60 and plan to play games until the day I kick the bucket. When you get near my age, I wonder if you won't still be enthusiastic about games ! And also won't be offended at your insinuation that if too old this game is not for you. Besides political incorrectness, which I think BAH anyway, it was really rather a low and unnecessary dig.

--I see there are few few people here that are doing this for the first time as I am. You all who have gone before are now jaded and frankly maybe do not recall your original distress at each new boss and how frrrrrustrating it was for you to fail and fail and fail a hundred times before you got lucky. And after a hundred attempts, it takes pure LUCK to get a boss down. Personally, I think it has to be a danged glitch that lets you kill one. I have googled all there is to google about this game, been there and back, and found a lot of very helpful info. out opposed to in HERE. I will my humble opinion, this game cannot be completed without a TON of help and spoiler information.
To pretend that one must swim about and explore happily when everywhere you turn you are being attacked and killed, is ludicrous. The game does not allow you to loll about unless you stay at the beginning and never go beyond.
To tell someone playing this they should not stress out and just sort of enjoy the ride????????? Well, it IS a game filled with nothing but challenges. Kind of hard to take this game as a ride at Sea World. Don't ya THINK?
And to those new like me, Google. You will find a vast amount of good information and other forums out there who oddly enough are more helpful and give you options about spoilers. Frankly, spoilers do not ruin this game one iota. If you did not use them, you'd never ever get through the game fully, totally, completely. Heck, I am stuck on Sun boss and had to forego Nature because even spoilers couldn't guide me there to spend several more days fighting in vain.
This game is not at all possible to play 100% in my opinio----without a lot of HELP. I will die with those words on my lips.
So that is it from me. I will not post again unless someone responds in such a way that I cannot but do so. To those who were kind and sensitive, my gratitude. To those who replied at all, my thanks. I am still being bounced and killed trying to deal with sun temple boss. I've watched youtube about 30 times. He got it in a fluke, I think. I try the same and get fatally nailed. I do admit, I hesitate to use my healing potions. Seems when I do, I get killed all the faster. Seems like bad luck to use them thus far.
Bye & Thanks.

I have always been enamored of the sea.. whether I feed my fascination with games; flOw, Endless Ocean, or Aquaria... my hobby of keeping marine aquariums... or my undersea Dungeons & Dragons game, my inspiration is clear.

If you lose focus with one facet, do not abandon the gene.

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I have always been enamored of the sea.. whether I feed my fascination with games; flOw, Endless Ocean, or Aquaria... my hobby of keeping marine aquariums... or my undersea Dungeons & Dragons game, my inspiration is clear.

If you lose focus with one facet, do not abandon the gene.

WELL PUT & thank you for putting it at a time when I felt rather low.

I know you're not going to like me for this, if you even read this, but I do believe that age has something to do with it. I'm not saying that you can't play because computers are after your time, but I do believe that growing up amidst all sorts of computer and console games gives many of us "young-uns" a head-start over you. I would also point to the statistics that say that the human brain starts to decline in quickness, memory, etc. as early as 27, and 60 is a bit beyond that.

Saying that it's impossible to do without vast amounts of help is saying that you are clearly one of the best people at video games, and how could anybody do it better than you?

I'm a bit frustrated with your approach to this, but oh well.

I hope you might look into the term: Brain Plasticity. It just might change your views on the aged brain. Sorry you took my incredulous view of getting thru this game in 2 hours with zero to go on but the game's tips as being some kind of game expert. I believe I said that I give kudos to those who have such abilities....apparently, you suggest they exist ( at your age) , in abundance.
My approach to this game is similar to my approach in all things, mainly, never quit. I may gripe along the way, but I aim to conquer. I will give it the good old college try though, and hopefully, even if it takes me months to get there, I shall reach the finish. Thank you for edification. I am off, to try again, to kill the sun temple boss. I won't say how many days into this effort I am !

Well, I'm glad that you managed to enjoy the game, (And I hope not to sound offensive) even at your age.
It is always nice to try new things, and you seem to enjoy that as much as I do. Good luck with the Sun Worm and with anything else you might still be trying.


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