Now you can vote for your favourite plugin for Escape Velocity:

Escape Velocity Game Expansion: 2 votes.
Femme Fatale:
Frozen Heart:
Star Wars ATA:
Star Wars:
Star Wars the New Republic: 1 vote.
Clavius and Beyond: 1 vote.
Alpha Console: 1 vote.
Empire 1,2 and 3: 1 vote.
Satori Station:
Final Battle:
The Year of the Rebels:
The Star Trek plug:
Pale: 1 vote.
The Mugabi plugs:
Galactic Scourge: 2 votes.
New Horizons:

If I forgot anyone just write it in and I post it...

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Actualy, I've tried all of them but only ever finished Star Wars and New Horizons. ;). I go for the Star Wars: The New Republic, one. (it might not be on there, but it is a VERY good SW Plug). New Horizons had a bit of a nice twist to it, though.


The graphics for it are awsome! It captures the dream of EV and enhances it without corupting it! I love that one!

Galactic Scourge kicks butt. Who ever created that is very creative. "Thank you auther of Galactic Scourge". 🙂

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Empire 3, without a doubt. Simply the best plugin I have ever played.

Eye of Orion

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Don't forget you can also use the voting/rating system built into the EV Add On Files archives...

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Shameless plug 😛

Have you gotten them working 😕

put one down for pale

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ERA for EV:

(still in alpha stages)

Galactic Scourge kicks a**! I got it yesterday and played all night. It is the coolest plug-in ever.

Clavius and Beyond has the best graphics, the most interesting missions, and the most agreeable level of frustration I have found in a plug.