EV3 news you can use

A little birdie named Hector told me that there's some new screenshots/movies for EV3 up at:


...and also there's a progress log for EV3 (as yet empty, but something to keep track of and watch) up at:


While you're there, check out the screenshots of Ragnarok, too:


Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Mmmm, VERY nice! Of course, I should like to point out that no one plays EV for the graphics.... BUT..... the sheer stupendous effort that is obviously going into this is an indicator on the quality of the whole game. And, of course, super svelte graphics sure make it nice! The diversty in planet pics is interesting, substantially different from the EV or EVO. Just looking at them made me want to read the planet description. I was wondering, with the major improvments on the engine (Laser glows and such) will the little puffs of flame look any different when they hit?

You could charge eighty dollars right now, and I would pre-order without question. Not that I am saying you should, of course..... 🙂

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Nice stuff andrew. Hey what rendering programme do you use?

"How can I make it go faster?" -Me-

i play EV for the graphics!!!

thats why the 'fed frigate is my fav ship.

btw, rangoknork maginer (sorry bout de spelling, boss) looks AWESOME


Ragarnok is AWESOME!!!!!!!

When I was at Macworld some Ambrosia guys displayed Ragarnok. And it is totally cool!!!

Can't wait till EV3 and Ragarnok comes out, even though it'll be a while.



Originally posted by Azdara:
**Nice stuff andrew. Hey what rendering programme do you use?


Lightwave...very expensive program.

andrew didn't make the ship...=P...someone else did...



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Yeah I know he didn't make em but how else would i have put it?

And I've seen lightwave before it kicks ass. I heard it cost like thousands or something.

"How can I make it go faster?" -Me-

heh heh heh, Captain

At MacWorld, I saw them display it AND I had a chance to play it at the 3DFX booth!!! Woohoo! What a game!


You were at Macworld, cool. I'm pretty sure you saw Jason Whong eat bugs, didn't you.

Also, did you try out Pop-Pop, I was able to.