Need help with EVGE bugs

I've got the EVGE plug in installed what I think as properly, but for some reason many of the new ships share graphics with the old ships. (i.e. the Orions are all shuttlecrafts.) I have no other plugins in the plugin folder and I started a brand new pilot. I'm stumped and was wondering if anybody knew how to fix it. Also the same symptom is occuring with the New Horizons plug in. I know these arent conflicting with each other either. Just hopping that I can sit at the helm of that galaxy destroyer. 🙂


Toy with the memory, try increasing or decreasing by 500 each time. I had the same problem.

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If you use Virtual memory, try turning it off and giving EV all the memory you can. Same if you use Ram Doubler.

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my comp doesnt work well without v memory, in EVGE, most of the ships were confed cruisers. even the escape pod!


Kewl, that must be the cheapest cruiser ever!

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