Click here for the best EV experience on the net!!!

What am I referring to? The Crusaders uEV-RPG.

What it is: Crusaders uEV takes after the tradition Captain Scurvy's original RPG game in a lot of ways, and continues the tradition proudly and well. The game was founded by FLSTF and a dedicated group of others who wanted nothing more than to see uEV proposer as it had under CS' jursdiction. The results were tremendous and perfect, except for the mis-spelled title (Cruisaders instead of Crusaders, lol) You will find that this is one RPG that is no "dead weight", every feature works like clockwork! From gambling to system scans to mining battles to EVERYTHING, it works. Adminship of the game is handled by none other than myself, along with other dedicated Co-Admins and GM's.

Why you should join it: If you're an oldie of CS' game and want to get back in the action, this is your ticket. If your new to EV/O RPG's and want to see what its all about, what better place to start than an action-packed RPG set in the classic EV universe (the only RPG currently running that's based on the original EV)? When you throw in the fact the game is going to restart literally within hours of this post, with everything being a clean slate, what better time is there to join up and start out fresh with everyone else?

Not only does it have all the features in the old game, it has many new ones as well.

Want to overthrow the tyrant Confederation? Join up as a Rebel and help lead the insurrection against the Feds.
Want to destroy the Rebel scum? Join the powerful Confederation navy and build up a force of Confederation warships to lead into battle.
Want to raid & steal everyone's wealth, and not follow anybody's rules? The swashbuckling Pirates are your ticket.
Want to stay out of the Civil War? Want to live the peaceful life and build your own future? Or maybe fight as a mercenary Independent of everything else? Do you really, really hate Pirates? Then the Independents are definitely the best ones to join (I also happen to be Indy GM!)

Here are just a few things you can do in this RPG:

Run missions
Trade commodities just like in EV
Fight actual EV-like battles, where the quality of your attack strategy can determine whether your fate. Many times it will take real strategy and thought to win tough battles (now how do you get more realistic than that?)
Create your own ships, weapons, stations, & outfits
Want to become a first-class rogue Pirate or mercenary? Perhaps the assassin, saboteur, and pickpocket schools will pique your interest
Expand EV's galaxy and search for new systems
Build up your prestige and amass a warfleet to fight in the Civil War; or play it safe and live the Merchant life
Join the Merchant Guild and eventually get well-paying work for one of 4 major shipping companies: StarBound Express, Consolidated Express, United Glactic Express, or Astex (new feature! Guarenteed to be VERY cool)
Join the Bounty Hunter organization and become a hit-man for hire; Bounty Hunters have exclusive technology no one else does (new feature!)
And much, much more (believe me, there is)?!

With all these possibilities and more, uEV is, by far, the best EV gaming experience you will ever find on the net, unless a miracle happens and realtime multiplayer EV is invented.

But friends, WHY WAIT? Already there are many people enjoying all that uEV has to offer and more. They know how great a game it is, which is why they're staying for the long haul. Where else can you play out a realistic RPG-like EV experience pitting you against REAL PEOPLE, instead of dumb AI ships? There is no where else! Are you going to imagine fantasies about destroying the Rebellion or Confederation for the rest of your young life, or are you going to make it a reality? This is your chance, sieze the day and take it!

At the very least, go to (url="http://"") and look things over. No commitment, just look around and see if you like what you find. Browse through the guide some, ask questions on the main board if you like. Me or one of the other Admins or GM's will be happy to answer them.

By the way this RPG has been running for well over a year without shutting down or falling apart. That's no coincidence, its because people enjoy the game, know its great, and want to keep coming back for more. Just ask anyone who plays the game.

One thing is certain: quality speaks for itself. Why cheat yourself and ignore the opportunity to join the best online EV game on the entire internet?

It bears repeating: quality truly does speak all for itself. So don't delay, and check out the Crusaders uEV-RPG today!


I went to the RPG, and everything I saw was jiberish. I couldn't understand any of it. I'll wait for Multi-EV. But that's me...