Clavius And Beyond Mission Help

I was recently playing the Plug-in "Clavius And Beyond". I had just done a mission for the Clavius government where I had to land on ShikBeth, and I was then instrucet to find the nearest mission computer. The sattelites around Shikbeth will not take bribes and I am a Galactic scourge legal status. Please assist me.

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I just played this plug this morning so I had to deal with this one already today.

If I'm right then the next mission can ONLY be gotten by landing on one of the satelites in the Shikbeth system. The AvailStel value is 10040, 40 is the Shikbeth government. So there are a few things you can do. First you can defeat the Shikbeth satelite and demand tribute (25 sentinels in waves of five) or you can tool around in resedit and change a few things.

You'll need to copy the TMPL into the resource fork so that you can make these changes.

The easiest is to change the defensedude value to -1 for the satelites (spöb # 255-257) and then capture them, or you can find mďsn resource number 296 and change the AvailStel to -1 and land on any planet with a mission computer.

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Actually, the answer is much simpler than that. You have probably not done everything you were supposed to in order to complete mission # 295, "Vision of Eternity":

Before setting out for the Shikbeth system, you should have purchased on Clavius an Multipass Transponder Card (MTC). Yes, I know that Lieutenant Hardin said that Engineer Vargas set up the upgrade for your ship, but you still have to visit the outfitter on Clavius and buy the thing. This device (based upon ancient Shiruvan technology, don'cha know) will make the defense system think your vessel is "an ancient Shiruvan Cargo," change your status in that system from Galactic Scourge to Honored Leader, and keep the satellites from blasting you to atoms as you so richly deserve. 🙂


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