Does the Satellite of Love actually exist?

I was wondering if anyone had ever found the S.O.L. I have looked at EV's sprites; there don't seem to be any for the S.O.L. Unless Matt Burch hid them in some way, I think that it dosn't exist. Have you ever found it? (note to newbies: you are ment to get it by holding down 'S' at the title screen)

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it's an empty shell. Get over it. And it's 'S, O, L', not 'S.

Scientists have discovered that the leading cause of death is birth.

When ever I hold down S O L whial it loads I end up in some place with 5 earths that cant be seen and are to hostal to land on. I can jump to other unnowen places that are just the same and cant land on any planiets on see anything but space rock. It like a thrid demenshin or something and the only way out is to jump around untill thers a jump to levo. Take it. That is if you have the fule, and you can always get stuck in a place with no way out. Trust me, I lost lots of good piolits in the demenshin.

RIP to Neo, Dash, Rand, Dameon, Karter, and the other lost there.
Those four were my best and took months to build up to were they were.