The secondary weapon...

For some reason I have never really thought that the secondary weapon option is any good. Its complicated. Eg. You buy some missile turrets and burn off 25 tons in weapon space. Then you buy rockets, 1 ton each until you have enough to have a reasonable protection against other ships. Then you buy the usual upgrades like radar upgrade. What do you have left? A ship not big enough to store more things in. Maybe some laser turrets or blaster but certainly not a proton turret or a fighter bay. I usually upgrade my ship to the fully with shields and armour and then go for the Neutron Blaster or the Mass Driver and use the "Monty Python" tactic or the "hit and escape" tactic. They are cheaper and you dont have to pay for new missiles or a new ship that you lost when you fought a lousy Kestrel. What do you think?

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