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Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

I've begun construction on EVO: 5 Years, but (I haven't found myself with a whole lot of time). I was hoping to get a few people to help. There is a link at my EVO page (in my sig).

Micah L.
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Well, its certainly not a new announcement, but I am updating info on my Great War II series...

There is 40 default and 50 to 60 (depending on plug)visbit systems.

There is Join the Aliens, Join UE, Join the Voinians and Join the Renegades

Graphics 95% done.
Systems 30% in.
Outfits, ships, and their desc 50% done

It will probably be out this summer to include some extra StarCraft levels with it. That is, you play the plug-in and it will tell you to load a certain level that I have created. They certainly wont be required but will add more fun to the all together plot 🙂

STEV:O is coming out soon

I'm coming out with one. I've been working on it for about 3 months. So far it has 18 ships, 17 outfits, 10 weapons, 5 new governments, new dudes, fleets, and many of the systems have been altered, new systems, new target graphics, new target (tab) graphics, new title pic, New starting pic, 9 new persons, 11 sounds, and a whole one landing pic.

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And you have a gun,
a Big Freaking Gun,
Gee now what do you do?

I'm working on one....

Stands at 14 megs unstuffed and is not yet finished. About a dozen more Landings still to be added along with Various graphics, missions, etc. PEACE YO!


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Kwanzasoft Graphics

I'm working on the following plugs:

NOTE: Some of these may never come out, so don't gen too high hopes. And I have NO idea when these plugs will be published, or in what order.

1. TOTAL WAR: TOTAL WAR (TOTAL WAR is for EV) adds a new intro screen, and adds tons of dudes, fleets, persons, ships, weapons, and systems. However, missions will be a slight problem. Right now I'm having a problem with a bug in the plug-in.

2. The Threat: Is the EV plug-in prologue for "The Drezgari" in which the aliens are back, and a powerful alien race called the Dregzari are about to take over the galaxy. Right now i've barely started this plug.

3. The Dregzari: In this EV plug there will be TONS of missions. Mainly a bigger version of "The Threat", "The Dregzari" takes place after the Dregzari control the galaxy. I have done ANYTHING on this plug, still working on "The Threat".

4. The Dreadnaughts: Modifies a bunch of systems, adds a bunch of systems, and adds a new race called the Dreadnaughts, and their ships. I've made a slightly new approach in making the ship designs for the Dreadnaughts. Hopefully it'll have a bunch of missions. Also for EV.

5. New Escape Velocity: This plug-in pack includes about seven or so mini plugs designed to make the EV game more exciting, and to keep it exciting longer. I've gotten pretty for in this plug-in right now.


Discovery, a TC, is well under way. With a team of 10, perhaps 3 more coming, a very good co-ordinater (ie. me ) and exellent iniciative means it will be a great success. We already have a good few graphics, some music, a few sounds, and quite a bit of programming progress has been done on it. It shall be very twisty and clever, offering maybe 60-70+ story lines to follow. Unlike alot of games, you will never know where Discovery leads. Winning missions in no way means it will turn good for you. No matter how good you are, sometimes a certain path will lead you to certain death for your race/allies and you will not know it until it happens. It will be very clever, treust me. Maybe the missions will not have the intelligance of Frozen Heart, and the graphics may not be as good as EVO MAGMA, but it will be so clever it will make up. Another thing is that we are trying to make it for both EV and EVO. If you want it to be more simple then play it on EV, if you want the new 1.0.2 addons then play the EVO versions. It shall start off as an EV TC, though, as it will be easier to develop and change to EVO, not the other way round. An open webboard for it will be open very soon for questions ect to be answered.

AIM: Just, GavHardy.:-)
Check out the site! Exellent webboard! Come on in!

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I have 2 plug-in Ideas, both I'm starting today.

  1. The 2000 presidental election is 4 months away so this new plug-in will have 4 governments: Bush, Gore, Canada and Mexico. There will be 60 new systems, 5 new ships, and multiple storylines. Plug-in due out around Thanksgiving

  2. For all you WWF Fanz, this one is for you. There are 3 governments: DX, McMahon and Foleian (subject to change), the systems go along with the WWF season (KOR, WM2K, RR, SS, Summerslam, IYH, Raw, Heat, Smackdown) and the areans they visit. the main storyline is to screw HHH out of the WWF title
    Due out at Christmas

ive got a plug ready...but its 120 MB and requires atleast 96 MB RAM to run EV. it maxes every resource too 😄

(i wish...)


I'm trying to push my own little pugy plugy wugy (say that five times fast)out.

It's called TradeComm, and will be focused on two points:



(recognize the laugh? 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 :D)

I'm a Confed lover, so in this thing, Confeds are going to whoop all galactic butt!!! Whooooheee!

It's gonna be trader's heaven plug-in. More commodities, more short cargo missions (a LOT of those) and will have a bunchonewshipies! Along with a whole dumpload of useless outfits (love them), new governments (super-giant mega companies like "ConSoft" that own systems) lotsopersonsandlotsodudes.

It's gonna be arsome, ayuk ayuk ahuk.

{Someone asks} "How long have you been working on it?

Um, two days. (snicker is heard)

However, progress is moving quite quickly... and tommorow IS saturday...

And speaking of which, if anyone wants to contibute (I would like a single title screen very similar to the original, except there are confed ships instead of rebel) I'm open. however, I have it pretty covered; just want that new title screen, read parenthaseis.



{hoarking sound is heard}

{hoarking sound is heard}

{Spit sound is heard}

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Come here!
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None shall pass!
Oh please!

I have a plug-in. It's about 75% done. It has everything except MISSIONS, I can't do those. Anyone wanna help???

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