my website's up

url: (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...afix/index.html(/url)

Any questions or comments would be nice . . .

Joshua Jackson
AKA: Jak205
AIM: Jak205 Takitman JJEDIJ

Usin my ships designs eh? It's alright...just don't distribute them and give me credit 🙂

anyways, the ships look pretty good...keep up the good work, we always need more shipyards in the EV community 🙂

I especially like the freighter...maybe even use it in a my plug (if I ever get around to starting it...)

Kraig Hill
"And if there's one thing
I've learned from life
It's that it gets you
in the end"
- Stabbing Westward, "Goodbye My Friend"

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