Mugabi and Destiny bug?

Did anyone else find a bug in Mugabi and Destiny (I'm playing the ...for her version) where, near the top of the map there are a few systems that won't show their stats (commodities, services, etc. ) on the map (when "m" is pressed)? This is even though I've been there, and even when I am at one of the planets.


I played that about a month ago and don't remember anything like that. I might go back with that pilot and see if I can replicate that. I just checked with my pilot for that, and the only thing I get is Wunta shows a shipyard, but no ships in it!


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Hello Jude!
Gandalf here. If the systems you refer to are in the Octerrian sector of space, it is possible for the map not to display those stats, because the alien systems are undergoing constant changes (landpicts on one Octerrian planet change a few times to coincide with the storyline, for example, for a romantic scene, the inset view within the landpict may change from an underground city to an underground waterfall). The only way to make such changes is to make that entire system dissappear and be replaced by a new one that is identical except for the desired picture change. There are many other subttleties that make it necessary to substitute systems, including the three step aging of Mugabi Ra. In each of these cases the new system will not display the system's stats because it is a new system to the game, if not to the player.
In the case of the Orcana system, which is a smaller system hidden inside the larger Orca system due to the giant spacial anomoly, the two systems are superimposed on top of each other on the map. If it does not give you the stats of those systems at the same time it is because one of the two systems has undergone a change (the massive Orcs space station being swallowed up by the implosion of the Red Giant Mugabi Ra).
If the above explanation still does not cover your question, I do not know how or why EV would choose not to display stats on a system which has NOT undergone a change and HAS been visited by you. I have no way of achieving this, as it is hardcoded.

Regarding msalter's "Wunta shipyard-with-no-ships" question:
If an Octerrian shipyard does not have any ships in it, it is because you are not advanced enough in the story for them to make available to you any ships. It is a clue that there might be ships in it later.... If there is a shipyard, there is a purpose for it in "Mugabi..." I did not think it necessary or realistic to have shipyards full of available alien spacecraft for the first welcomed human guest.... Not after the Great War and the Rogue Alien Cruiser in the original EV storyline.
Thanks for the questions, they are always welcome.

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