Plugins wont work-

Anybody who could help me, id appreciate it. I have downloaded plugins, but they wont work. I have stuffit expander, it expands them, but they still arent in EV plugin format. any suggestions? thanks.


Can you be more specific? What plugs?

If they are cheater plugs, that is to be expected. Most people who make cheater plugs are Newbies with EV-Edit v.3 or worse.

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ummmmmm..... Maybe they are not really plug-ins?

Joe Kapsner

the plugins ive used, or tried to, arent cheaters. they are some of the ones that you can get here, at Ambrosias website. ive downloaded some like EV expander, etc, ones with good reps. thanks


So that someone here can help you, you need to be more specific. Please tell us:

1: Exactly what plugs you've downloaded.

2: What version of Stuffit Expander you're using.

3: This will seem obvious, but I'll ask anyway: Are you using an actual Mac, or an emulator running on a PC?


if you lived here, you'd be home by now

did you download it from a PC? ( bummer!)

1.dont unstuff it on the disk! would have to use maclink yo traslate it.

3.drop it in the plug-ins folder

4. if that does not work, I'm stumpped!

P.S. Ev/o rules!