for those who are getting bored with the original ev evo 1.0.2 has been released if you are bored get it and play it, it is slow in the begging but once you have a ship that is descent you will be hooked./ p.s. if you decide to get it you must download evo and the new version and be aware that the people on the evo web-board are probaly clogging the servers so it my be slow 🙂

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I Don't Agree!!!!!
I've found too many problems/BUGS in EVO 1.0.2 compared to 1.0.1.
The guided Missiles / Weapons such as the Needle Missiles and the S.A.D. modules don't track properly! The SAD's for all the ships - not just mine - travel in Circles; Loops and in a repeated figure of eight. The guided Secondary Weapons are Unguided over 90% of the time. This never happened in EVO 1.0.2! Every now and again one of the Needles or SAD's will travel to the target. This is happening all the time in each different type of System - with and without Asteroids and also in systems close to Nebula and those nowhere near Nebula.
This is also occurring to SAE's being fired by other A.I. controlled ships.
At first I thought the Full Copy I downloaded may have been corrupted so I checked it out with TechTool Pro but it found no problems apart from an incorrect Bundle Bit in the installer which it corrected before I installed the Game. I also did a full Virus Check using the June update for Virex and it found NO Viruses / Trojan Horses on any of the disksetc.
The freighter also doesn't have any natural fuel regeneration as it should have - in the 1.0.2 Notes it states that this is one of the new features added to those ships which have Solar Panels, yet it doesn't work.
There are probably lots of other BUGS / Problems in the UPGRADE - Ha!
that I haven't found yet. If there are other problems, please post them on the Board. If you think I've just got a BAD COPY / BAD Download then please provide suggestions so that this doesn't happen to others as I've been an EV and EVO follower and supporter for over a year now!

Hmmm, the freighter does have automatic fuel regeneration for me. Occasionally a guided weapon will get off track, but they also seem to work for me. Maybe you should increase the memory?


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Hi ShadeOfBlue!
Thanks for your suggestion. I've set the minimum memory allocation to 40000k and the preferred to 75000k. This has been the setting for a long time and when I downloaded the Full Copy of EVO1.0.2 I gave it the same Memory settings. 75megabytes should be enough. VM is off and I still have plenty of free memory available for the system. I think I'll download a fresh Copy of EVO1.0.2 and see if that makes a difference - maybe the download was corrupted somehow!
I should have said in my previous reply that I've never had these sort of problems in EVO1.0.1 ( sorry for the mistake ).
I've got the old folder of EVO 1.0.1 on the same Partition as the new full version / folder of EVO 1.0.2. Could this be causing all the problems?


I am also having the same probs. I run EV:O with 53Megs and VM off. I get about one in ten guided weapons working properly-even the SAE modules just go 'round and 'round till they get drunk and fall down 😉 The only one I don't have problems with is the hunter missles. I used the update to 1.02.

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It might be sane to, oh, turn DOWN the memory setting? Some programs will fsck up if you give them too much.

Also, if you read the description, SAD's are described as being easily destracted. Needle missles are terribly ****ty, too.

For serious homing, use pursuit. Allthough, I typically fly a UE Dest with Neutron and some unguided rockets.


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Originally posted by jm:
The SAD's for all the ships - not just mine - travel in Circles; Loops and in a repeated figure of eight.

It's inherent jamming. Strand ships tend to have strong jamming.


that only happens when SADs targets are destroyed, instead of going straight, they go in figure 8's. ECM systems just make SADs veer off, not go in figure 8's...