and the sequel?

more! more!

Finished the game twice. Loved it. When will there be a sequel?

Last year Alec talked about making a version for the iPhone/iPod touch, but I don't know if that'll ever happen. As for a full-blown sequel - who knows? Personally I doubt there'll be one.

Uh…that’d kinda be breaking a promise (the To be continued… screen), but I suppose that’s been done before.

There have been various ways that the sequel has been speculated at on Bit Blot’s forums, the most recent of which I saw was a mod for Aquaria 1. Alec mentioned that he’d definately want to do it (and a third game), but that he’d want Derek (Yu) to work on it as well, and the latter is currently doing his own projects.

Just search the Bit Blot forum for “sequel” or “Aquaria 2” and you’ll find tons of stuff. 🙂

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