Don't know what to do in Empire 3


I have just finished an erly on mission in the weave string , it is the one in which you must escort some ships to the somthing or other refinery that looks like a big rock while avoiding the scavanger battle fleet. I did it an they said I should go relax at a tavern. Whent to the bar and nothing happens Juped out of system then back in and still nothing happens. I had a feeling it would probaly be the start of the Leath-Cydonia alliance missions.

can any body tell me where to go or what the name of the next mission is?

If so thanks.

The reason we know there is Intelligent life in space is that they haven't contacted us.

It sounds like you have to bump up your combat rating or legal status, or both. Just go destroy some pirates or something, and when your combat rating has improved (say, to dangerous) go back and look in the bar again.