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Hi everybody. Ok well I have a friend with a OC who is addicted to EV (on my computer.) Well I heard mention of this executer program that will in some way shape or form let him play on his computer and let me actually get to use mine for once. Is it a Mac Platform for PC? That is my assumption. Well anyway can anyone tell me where i might find it. is it downloadable or something to that effect?
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Never tried it, but I think there's one at: (url="http://"http://www.ardi.com/")http://www.ardi.com/(/url)


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Hehe, my friend has the same problem...first he had no computer, and as constantly at my house playing EV (I mean CONSTANTLY, he did conquer the whole galaxy in both EV and EVO...).
When he finally did get a computer, I hooked him up with a Mac emulater for Win 95...unfortunately his comp is dead, so he drives the 60 mile commute (he moved BTW) every week or so to play....and I thought I was addicted 🙂

Anyways, that program should work (don't remember what I got him...just did a yahoo search for Mac emulators). The good news for me is he is buying an iMac DV in about a month...the bad news is, he is now as addicted to Ares as he was to EV/O...

Good luck with your friend...it isn't easy to get them to lay off EV...I even gave my friend a key to the house when we left on vacations so he could play (my father was quite astounded when he saw the power bill for the whole monthe we were gone 😉 )

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The Executer is the best Mac emulater for PC that I have found. I loved Privateer and once I had a taste of EV on my friend's Mac, I was addicted! Problem was I have a PC, and really there is no Mac emulator out there that works 100%.
EV plays well enough to enjoy on the Executer, but there are problems. The first one is the game play is choppy. It feels almost like you're at X2 speed. This isn't so good when you want to play as the head of a frieghter fleet, as it's too difficult to protect the escort ships. It's best to just play an attack ship or pirate. Also, the graphics often "stick" to one another, like if you target 1 ship and then target another, your HUD readout will still display a bit of the last ship you targeted. The last and most annoying problem is the fact that when you hail a shuttle, and sometimes other ships (it is random on occassion) Executer will crash.
Executer isn't Mac software coverted to PC. It's actually built from scratch, so there are a lot of problems with it using certain types of files. Unfortunatly you can't do much to correct these problems, as it they don't seem to be resource or memory type problems. Best we PC/Windows folks can do is hope Ambrosia will get a guy who knows both PC/Windows and Mac OS so they can make games like EV available for both platforms!

Go to (url="http://"http://hammerand.virtualave.net/ev/install/pcee.html")http://hammerand.vir...stall/pcee.html(/url) for a VERY detailed page on how o run EV on a PC (there are 51 steps!! :)) .

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