EV Tranfer! Help! I need help! Maday!

This may be out of topic, but how can I transfer EV from one mac to the other? The other mac does have a modem, but not a browser. The mac with EV has 20 megs of ram, but the other has 61 megs of ram. Does any of you know how to transfer my EV from one mac to the other? Without stuffing or CD burning(tried stuffing and putting on floppy but was still to big and I don't have a CD burner). Maybe you know how to link them with apple talk? I know how to use it, but I don't know where to get a cord to connect them both. Do you know where I can get a cord?

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It depends. If the two can talk to each other through AppleTalk, then all you would have to do is this: Using the mac with Escape Velocity on it, connect to one of the other computers drives using the Appletalk (via the Chooser. You have to have file sharing turned on I think. Ethernet should be selected in the appletalk control panel). Then just drag Escape Velocity into the other computers hard drive.

I hope this helps you! Tell me if it does!

P.S. You need an ethernet crossover cable to connect the two macs (not a patch cable, but a crossover cable). Make sure that the macs both have the rj-45 type jack (an older mac might have an AUII or something like that jack, in which case you'd need an adapter.) You can get crossover cables on line at places like buy.com, macwarehouse, etc., or probably locally at a computer or office store.

An alternative would be to email the package to yourself from the first computer, and then get it via email on the second computer, but perhaps the files would be too large...


Or you could download EV from a CD, like one of Ambrosia's CDs or a game mag cd that has EV on it, but then you would still need to transfer your pilots and plug-ins somehow (e-mailing them one or tow at a time would work if you have an e-mail reader). Another, perhaps easier option is just to get a browser from a CD somewhere (many magazine CDs have them, as so some game CDs that require internet access for multiplay). Check out your CDs.


Try Aladdin's Stuffit Lite (freeware). It will split files onto multiple floppy disks.

There's an easy way to connect two Macs modem-to-modem; check out Joseph Schorr's and David Pogue's Macworld Mac and Power Mac Secrets, Fifth Edition.

Another option - if both Macs have Ethernet connections, use an Ethernet cable and regular networking. The previously mentioned book will guide you through this too, unless you want to take a shot at it yourself.

And finally, you can use LocalTalk. You hafta get some special connectors for this, but any older Mac with a modem port should work.

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I have my two computers hooked up together over an Appletalk network (a Performa 6116 and an iMac DV SE). It all depends on how old the computers you use are...

To get mine hooked up, I first bot a cable with an ehternet plug on each end...it cost about 3 dollars. I got home and realized I couldn't hook up to my old computer (iMac uses Base10 ethernet...the 6116 uses something older) so I had to go to a local store and buy an Ethernet tranceiver for the old computer for about $25.

After that, just screw around with the Network and Sharing panels (this was a pain for me...one comp is running OS9, the other System 7.5 so all the control panels are different :frown: ).

All I can say is, if I can do it, anyone can...not too hard, and not too expensive...much cheaper than buying a disk drive for the iMac, and much faster also :).

Hope this helped

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