sunken city

I am in the sunken city and I can't figue out how to get beyond the collums blocking me. I think I have all forms. what am I missing :huh:

You mean the steam? Well, it has something to do with spirit form, I'll tell you that, but it's not necessary to got past those pillars to finish the game.

no, I can get by the team with spirit form, it is the collum after the mothers song, I sing it but noyhing seems to happen

no, I can get by the steam with spirit form, it is the collum after the mothers song, I sing it but noyhing seems to happen

You need to help somebody first.

I reunited the boy with his mother, but he then ran away , I now have found three boys with their hands raised.Am i to take them to the mother as well?

No, you're still trying to help the original little boy. Naija mentioned something about raising him out of the darkness when she first caught up with him. Go ahead and lead him out of the Sunken City.

thank you, I will try that.

I am at the same point where the ghost boy ran away from his mother. I followed him to get him, sang the mother song so he can come with me but nothing. Please help!!!

I'm not sure entirely which point you're at, but if it's the first time the boy run away from his mother (which it sounds like) then you need to "lead him out of the darkness."

This means you need to cast sunburst and travel slowly back towards the mother

And you have to go really slowly because everytime you go too far forward or he goes over a wall, he'll suddenly warp back! 😮

I'm pretty sure the mother starts singing after he goes left, towards the "spooky tree" that so many people here have thought had something to do with the puzzle. In that case, you need to find that little girl, who I think is his sister, on the hill to the east of the boy.

Once you've done that, draw her towards him by switching to nature form and planting flowers.

Actually, the image name (cc-gf) says its his girlfriend (creator child girlfriend). 🙂

Make sure you plant the flowers relatively near her, too, or else she won’t go, and don’t plant them too early.

I'm stuck too.

I've done the flowers bit and the child ran to the place where the other 3 were throwing stones.

They then turned into dragonflies. Then the child ran to the wall where the map runs out. In this room there are the symbols arranged in an L pattern. they are: sideways b, circles, tear drop, star, spiral, leave (bottom most). I've sung this song to the mother, the girl, the boy, the wall, the giant purple flower in the abyss.

I've also brought the girl all the way down to this room and had he stand next to the boy and I sung the song.

I've also sung the song backwards.

I can't get the boy to move. I've tried the sun form that worked at the beginning, but the little guy just sits there and sobs. I'm starting to dislike this cry baby.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Uhh…you killed all three scavenger bugs right? If you did that, then I think it's just down to singing the song.

Oh wait, you have to sing the song the mother sings, not the one on the wall. That is, the one on the wall is the same, but it's a bit confusing because it doesn't repeat three notes which are repeated each time. Listen to the mother sing and replicate it (the Aquarian letter A should flash), then sing it in the room with the boy next to the barrier.

If there were any unwanted spoilers that weren't covered up, apologies, although sometimes I can't figure out what should be.

listen to the mothers song and know that the melody that you see on the wall is visually confusing, but it does show you how to play it. Once you figure it out it makes somewhat sense.

The left three are notes that have be be played every time before each of the notes on the descending right side

You need to do the full melody for it to work. (12 notes)

Need more help here ya go:

It kinda goes 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-5, 1-2-3-6, with notes 4, 5 and 6 streaming down along the right side.

Makes sense? It's not supposed to be sung in strict front-to-back order.

Actually, I’ve been noticing that Aquaria’s singing system is pretty forgiving—you can make a couple mistakes and get away with it.

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