Giant fish in caves

Any hints on how to kill those annoying enormous fish that hide in caves? The ones that suck you in when you are swimming by. I have tried to shoot at them and the energy doesn't even go to them and using fish form poison does nothing. I am stumped. 😞

You can't kill them. You just have to stay away. Aquaria isn't a game that's all about killing and experience and leveling up - it's a refreshing sort of game, way different from everything else.

Actually, you can kill them. At least, you can kill the ones that live down near the Abyss. Hands are off the ones in the Kelp forest, but in open waters you can kill them using nature form by planting a thistle at the spot where they go back into the cave. You have to be really quick to keep from getting eaten, though.

I just found out you can get pass those giant fishes using fish form and so on, i mean the big gray one. The other looking red is the one you can kill

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The skelety ones in the King's Grave and neighboring areas can be killed simply by making their eyes glow, jumping back, and shooting their back, or by getting behind them and doing the same thing. But the gray ones in the Kelp Forest can't be killed. It's pretty easy to get past them though, just dart under them using the fish form.

The ones that look like Wolf Eels can't be killed.

The one that looks like a deep sea fangtooth can be killed.

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