A question about the aliens...

In the origanal EV, no plugs or anything, where did the aliens come from? I haven't played EV for years, but I'm just courious. There is nowhere in EV that sais where the aliens come from, or where they went or anything. Are they southe through the asteroid blet? Or maybe throught the nebula? I mean, where the fΓΊck could they be?

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They wouldn't be native to the Orion Arm sector of the galaxy I'd say they're from somewhere else. =P

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There's no way the Confederation could have beat the aliens ship to ship (or even ships to ship). They probably broke the hyper-link between the alien homeword and the rest of the galaxy. (Story idea, hehehe!)

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Actually, the Confederation can beat them. The aliens only shoot at the front. So if you circling the alien, firing your mane gun turrets, and torpedpes or missles or what ever lockon wheapon. Now you know how to kill a alien. πŸ™‚

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They can't be from the Nebula. The Crusier in the Rebel missions hid there. It would probably hide in a place were noone would expect to find it. My theory is they came from north of Palshife. I don't know why, I always though of it that way. Or maybe it's just the easiest place to add new systems in a plug-in. πŸ˜‰

The best way to beat alien ships is with the tractor beam. It renders it harmless. Alien Fighters take patiece to defeat. It took me 15 minutes to beat 6 of them in Satori Station (or was it 5? Can't remember) becasue they are so fast.

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It says that the confederacy exterminated the aliens. I like playing the confederates, and if you are a good pilot, then that cruiser is a piece opf cake. the only problem is those goddamn fighters that it carries. Man, those things are more powerful than most frigates (Unless you have the neutron turret plugin πŸ˜„ ) Anyway, I love those seeker drones. They're so.. cool.

Also, does anyone here see any similarity between the al,ien ships in ev and the igadzra ships in EVO? they both use a homing weapon (Drones and SAEs), and they both have really cool beams. The only difference is that one's Orange-red and the other's Red-orange.

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