Alien Homeworld in F.B....

Is this alien homeworld completely indestructible? I killed all of its defense fleet, then my escorts plus the Union fleet started to pound it, but nothing happens. It just sits there like nothing!
I've gone past the deadline now. Can I restart the mission?

Ripley: "These people are here to help you. They're soldiers."
Newt: "It won't make any difference."



Final Battle is probably by definition teh buggiest plug-in out there.

The alien home world is inistructable, it takes 50 plasmatic weapons fired simotainously to kill it. The mission was supposed to have y ou return to where you got it after you figured out that it couldn't die, so you would have to take the mothership one, i belive. Too bad it doesn't work.

ERA for EV:

Yes, Cotton Mouse was correct. The Alien Homeworld is intentionaly indestructable. You are intended to fail and then return, and (hopefully) you'll be told to go after the Mothership.