Empire 3 - Best Faction?

Hey, what are the different factions' ships' weakness/stengths? i.e. Which ones are fast etc, which ones are heavily armed. I'm trying to decide which faction I want to help and whick one to open a can of whoop ass on. 😉

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Playing Scavs string now. Preatty cool mission set. I alwaus liked this ships set by M. Dailey-the one the Scavs use.


I've completed the three major mission sets (Scavenger, Weave, and Sauridian) and all three seem to have very similar ships. The Weav's ships, I think, have the strongest attacks of the bunch, the Scavs are a little faster, and the Sauridians are somewhere in the middle. However, in the Weave mission string you work for the Qua'liri (sp?), Russian Consortium, and LCA. The Russian Consortium and Qua'liri ships are the best in the game. Period. Depending on the type of ships, they can be fast but a little weaker, big and slow, or a mixture of the two.