Any New pertaing to EV's future?

Hey, ok this topic pertains to anyone who has any knowledge of any upcoming plugs and or any knowledge to the EV updates and all that other stuff, if you have any news to report, please reply to this because i want to be in on it all.
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EV3 has semi-officially been announced by Andrew Welch, with 16 bit graphics, movies, and even more cool features.

EVO 1.0.2 is coming out soon. Matt Burch has sworn to eat his mousepad if the current version isn't the release version.

There are a large number of plugins in development, but most are for EVO. Some notable ones include Cold Blood, Nova, and Project Nebula.

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This info is just for EV, not EVO.
Arena Plus is comming out soon. It's a souped-up version of Arena. Just got the latest beta version today. Fixes most bugs, but not all. Pretty sweet anyway.
I'm aware of 3 other small (a few missions or a new weapon) plugs for EV that are due out sometime this month, but only becasue I'm making them. 🙂
Great War should be out in December, so that's still far away.
Several people have announced they are making TCs, but I don't know if they are for EV or EVO.
I've heard rumors of an EV for EV 1.0.2 plug, but those are just rumors.
Not much is happening for EV it seems. Am I the only one making non-cheater plugs for it?

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Well, I'm in the planing stages of a TC for EV:O, but I'm considering making a EV version as well...

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Originally posted by ColdFusion:

EV3 has semi-officially been announced by Andrew Welch, with 16 bit graphics, movies, and even more cool features...Some notable ones include... ...Nova...

Which just may be the scenario for EV3...


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Well, we have announced that we're working on an EV3 -- check out the interview at:


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