Help Getting onto the whale

I'm stuck

Hello, I've got to finish this game. I've got a of the forms and I've defeated the Jellyfish, I've stumbled around the veil a bunch. I even got to the Cardinal Nest on the Veil. But I can't get in the Whale. Please advise.

I've tried energy, sun, beast, fish and a bunch of costumes nothing seems to work.

Please help. Also, please be more specific than the enigmatic responses.

I'm loosing my mind on this.

First of all, the so-called "enigmatic responses" are an attempt to get you to think through the process of finding the necessary clues to solve this puzzle. Direct answers are fine, but you'll enjoy the game a lot more if you find answers on your own.

Second of all, you'll need to have the fish form and sun forms to find the necessary clue. In the sub-open waters (the area directly south of Open Waters and north of the Abyss) north of the entrance to the horse race and south of the entrance/exit from Open Waters is a cave with a statue. Notice that the statue seems to have its mouth open. Switch to fish form, and swim inside the statue. Once you go a ways, switch to sun form.

That should get you where you're going.

I'd also recommend taking a picture of it—not too easy to remember! 😄

And don't forget to shoot the moneye spawning nest before you enter.

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