all reply on future plugins

i have some ideas for ev. i would like feedback on them. weather there in plugs or if people would make a plug-in.yes this is a long post just read it. some of the ideas have been posted and arnt mine but i refined them a little.
1-deployable bases-I would like to see the ability for people to get their own starbases without having to capture them. This would add a lot to the gameplay for people who like the idea of being able to build their own government, and for the people who don't, don't have to do it
A-also going along with the star bases is the ability to upgrade them to outfits and shipyard. This would increase your daily pay and give you money for other ideas I had
B-also going along with the escort controls that are mentioned further down, you should be able
to hire a defense fleet, or send captured escorts to the defense fleet
C-and the more you do to aide one government the more their enemys dislike you and would
eventually start to attack you.
2-the ability to advance in knowledge the longer you play. The more you play the higher your
knowledge gets, and the more systems you discover.
A- going with knowledge you would have your galaxy but you would be able to discover new
systems and maby goverments. Find a planet that isnt colonized, colonize it.
3-the ability to donate money to goverments. Ex fund the zachit for an attack on pirates. This
would be interisting and give the people with massive ships and 900,000,000 million credits
something to do.
4-maby the longer you play the more technologys are invented. Say you play for 2 game years
and a new turret becomes available to the public. This would add some concepts to the game
and give new weapons and outfits for people to master.
5-better escort controls. Naturally you would have to keep the current ones but say you activate
the new ones by hitting f1. A screen would come up and varios commands and displays would
be on it.Ex you hit f1 the screen appears and you look at planets and statitions you have
dominated or built, look at the defense fleet size and the money the planet is making, and you
send your captured escorts to go join the defense fleet.
6-this goes with another idead I had. Planets and stations that are built or dominated can be
upgraded and protected. But the mood of the stellar is dependant on the attention and money
you put into it. Say you have a station that hates you and is sending out bounty hunters, so you
take and beef-up the defense fleet and build it and outfits and shipyard this would effectivly
change the mood to a point where they like you, pay you a higher tribute and stop sending out
those dam bounty hunters
7-natural diasters. How about some systems you jump into have aaaaaa reverse polaronic
magnetic field or something that draind your sheilds but also effectivle hides you from pirates,
while other storms can be harvested for fuel with a specific upgrade. This would add some more
tactics to the game as well as making an excellent spot for an ambush, or mission string.
8-DESTROYABLE ASTEROIDS how many people hate asteroids and wish they could kill
9-NPC's that use the cloaking device and to go with it a cloak scanner. Say available after a
mission string.
10-shockwaves. How about if big ships sent out shockwaves when they were destroyed, they
don't do armor damge so they cant kill you unless you have no armor and it would look really
11-NPC's that arnt incredibly stupid. Say they wont fall for the monty python manevur.
12-has anyone ever done those stupid missions where you have to protect a planet from
dominatition. I hate them I once left because I couldn't finish it jumped back in a yer later and they
were there, did they wait a year to dominate it? I think it should be setup so if you jump out the
mission is failed and the planet is dominated but to go along with this if you do accept the
mission and fail it has negative effects everywhere including statitions you may have built.
13-better beam weapons---self explanitory

i ask that you respond i would make plugs but i am incompetent when it comes to that stuff

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1. Stop bugging us with your stupid deployable bases idea. It is NOT EV. It will NEVER WORK OR BE INCLUDED IN THE GAME.

2. You could technically do that with a plugin. But it makes no sense. What, you get some sort of divine prophesy that tells you where new systems are? It's better to use missions and let them be discovered.

3. No government's gettting MY hard-earned credits.

4. See #2. Be part of the mission that brings the turret to the public.

5. Too complicated. Also makes the game a bit too easy. Nobody attacks your dominated planets anyway. Although a 'Planet scan' feature might be cool.

6. You just want EV to become one of those turn-based galactic conquest games. In EV, you are an independant captain, NOT and emperor.

7. It would be too hard to enable for plugins.

8. Hate asteroids? They've saved my pilot more than once.

9. That will be available in 1.0.2. Cloak scanners aren't needed really.

10. Maybe. I have no comment.

11. Again, 1.0.2.

12. Put a time limit on the mission - simple as that.

Yes, you obviously don't know anything about plugs, because if you did you wouldn't suggest some of these things. Remember that the scenario of EVO is no more than just a big plug itself.

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Oh come on. Give the guy a break. He said he doesn't know anything about plugs so no he doesn't know how hard it would be to do some things. Although Sierra is right with most of the things he says, I'd like to rectify several things.

I think lending money to governments is a good idea... and it COULD be done with missions. There's one problem, but I see 1.0.2 being updated to fix that... 🙂

The NPC's DON'T use cloaking devices in 1.0.2. Sorry. We all want that, but it's a little complicated. :frown:

Aren't shockwaves technically already in ev? You get knocked around by big ships, and it lowers your shields/armour. What's wrong with that?

As far as that natural disasters thing goes, I think everyone here was thinking the same thing when they read that. Frozen Heart. Turner did some cool things with that engine.

If there was anything else I can't remember it. Oh well.

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