WTF is up with Pale?!

Okay, this is really starting to annoy me. Whenever I try to download EV:Pale, Stuffit won't unstuff the little POS. Does anyone know what the problem and/or an alternate URL to download it at? Thanks.

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Get stuffit 5.5

or download from the mail site

ERA for EV:

It can't be unstuffed even with ver.5.5. That what I was saying for quite a while, but nobody seam to listen. It's a corrupted file. I was trying to dowload it for moths (coming to add-ons from time to time). IT CAN'T BE UNSTUFFED. I would really appreciate it if somebody can tell me where to get working ver.1.9.


Servack and Slav: Try the 'Pale' website at (url="http://"") . On the downloads page you'll find links to Pale 1.8, the 1.9 updater, and the 'Pale Visage' mission fix. Haven't tried to download it myself, so please let us know how it goes.

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