Tips on jumping?

I am having a hard time controlling jumping on land and through the bubbles in the Veil. I have gotten to the helmet in the bubbles but can't seem to get any higher. Also - I can't climb very well on walls, she drops off really quickly. I am also stuck in the Sun Temple - got the water up but it goes nowhere. Do I need to climb there too?

I love this game and I LOVE this forum!

Anyone have any tips?

There are a few potions that allow you to jump higher. I think you can figure it out from there 😉

You can also use the beast form to jump higher.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the Beast form with hot soup. That is how I got up to the new helmet. It looks like there is more but I can't see another bubble or anything else to jump onto. And I can't seem to climb over the rocky parts in the middle of the Veil. Maybe my fingers aren't coordinated enough for this! <_<

I am still totally stuck. Here's what I can't do:

Get any higher in the bubbles on the far left side of the Veil beyond where the helmet is. Can you go up farther than that? Do you need to?

Get over the hump in the middle of the Veil. Tried from both sides every which way I could think of. Even tried planting spiked plants and climbing them. No luck.

Can't get above the waterfall on the right side and can't get any farther up on the skinny cave next to it. I can only jump from wall to wall twice before I fall.

In the Sun Temple I am also stuck. I got the water to go up a little higher, but cannot go anywhere else. I tried bumbling around in that dark hall but something keeps attacking me and I never get very far across.

I know that this game takes time and must be explored and figured out, but I am really stuck here. I have gone everywhere else I can think of and and am at a real block here. I am starting to dream about this game!! Help!!

  1. In the Turtle Cave (where you got the helmet, or "Urchin Costume"), there is one more "treasure" on the wall on the right that you can get to with Beast and Soup.

  2. Not sure which hump in the veil you mean, but one of them you can go under and another you can only get to from within.

  3. When you're traveling up that chute, I personally find it easiest to do it in Beast form (no soup needed) with the arrow keys. Because you cling to a vertical wall for a split moment before you fall, you have time to press the arrow or the up + arrow and space for jump so you can hop easily up to the top. Some people prefer to do it in Nature form (plant spikes to propel yourself upwards) but I've never been able to manage that.

  4. There is something you find in the Temple that allows you to see in that dark area.

  5. You might want to see someone about those dreams. It doesn't sound healthy.

For wall jumping I just place the cursor in the middle of the chute I'm trying to jump up (and above Naija) and hold down the left mouse button. I then use the spacebar to time the jumps off the walls.

That way, you don't have to worry about timing your arrow key direction switches - just your spacebar presses. Direction reversals happen automatically since Naija passes to the other side of the cursor every time she jumps.

Actually, you can just madly click the mouse while moving it left to right for narrow passages…:D

And Aquarian stuff pop up in my dreams all the time—what do you mean it doesn't sound healthy? :laugh:

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