turtle ride from arnassi

I am at the point where I am about to do my last battles. I will be at it for hours I am sure as this is the first game I have ever purchased and the learning curve is slow I have spent almost 40 hours so far. here are my questions : this thing in the arnassi turtle trip to the kelp forest , I know it is the third cooking slot but how do I get it? It 's Eye goes blue,red,green. tried singing that, and its arms seem to randomly open. sun form and fish form seem to anoy it but I can't get beyond that. Also are there any point to the spore plants in arnassi they seem to react to song but are they something I could use?

That "boss" is known as Simon, if that helps. Simon as in Says, perhaps?

More directly,


you do need to sing along with him. He shows red, sing red. Then he'll show, say, red, yellow. Sing red yellow. Basically, he sings a song, adding a note each time. You need to sing along with him each time, within a certain (short) time limit.

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I don't think the spore plants do anything, but there is a treasure that adds them to your home.

How do you get Simon to play ? If I don't sing the right note on time he just sits there.

Right Clicking him should make him sing again. I'm not 100% sure about that though, so if it doesn't work let me know and I'll go figure out what does.

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Right-clicking works, and leaving the area and coming back also works.

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