Energy Temple

:rolleyes: OK ... I'm up to speed ... I hadn't done anything wrong, and I'm apparently as far as I can be ... until I enter the Energy Temple !!! THAT'S WHERE MY PROBLEM SEEMS TO BE ... how do I get past all those symbols floating around in the air above me ??? What do I do and what order do I do it ??? I've tried several things, many times, but nothing seems to work ... except if I do the WRONG thing, fire bolts appear and kill Nadia !!! Help !!! :rolleyes:

Well, first of all, her name is Najia. 😉 Second, do those symbols look like anything you know of?
there are eight different symbols, if I remember correctly.
If you don't understand these hints, you can highlight the text below to read it


You need to sing the same symbol that the statue is singing.

I hope that this helps you!


:rolleyes: I tried that, but nothing happens when I follow the note sung, and red how arrows kill Najia when she sings during the note sung .... what am I doing wrong ??? :rolleyes:

Just because you're getting attacked doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong. You have to dodge those energy darts. This is a video game, you know.

If there's one thing Aquaria has taught me, it is that I need to be patient and work out each puzzle a dozen or so times in different ways before asking questions. This is more like Myst than Ferazel's Wand, because the emphasis lies more in the exploration and discovery than the fighting and destroying - but that doesn't mean that there isn't any fighting and destroying.

Also, to make not dying very easy, you know a spell that reflects those energy darts.

:rolleyes: Thanks to both of you for your suggestions ... they're sure helping me stay whole longer .. but how long do I have to do this ??? It seems like an awfully long battle ... :rolleyes:

A lot of battles are awfully long. Just keep at it.


Sing the same notes as it does


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