Map Marker problem

I have not been able to set a map marker. Has anyone else had this problem ? playing on an iMac with Leopard. After typing the message I want not one key on the keyboard will set the marker. the only key that works is the esc to leave back to the game.

First, welcome to the boards, Domorott.

If I'm hearing you correctly, then here's your problem: you set the location of the map marker with the mouse, not the keyboard.

If I'm not hearing you correctly, are you saying that you can't type text in the markers? If so, I believe you left-click on the marker to set it up for editing the name, then you type.

Hope this helps!

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The return key should set the marker once you've typed in a name. If that isn't working I can't imagine why. Do you have an unusual keyboard? Have you adjusted the key settings at all?

Thankyou for the help. Not sure why I was having such a difficult time with it. I believe I was trying to set the marker too far away from my current position. Oh and yes the return key sets the mark. Thanks again.

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