I Am Having Some Problems With F.B. 3.0

I have Final Battle v3.0 , when I am on the Rebellion side I can only get to the mission where I have to get people off of Maxwell's Planet. When I don't know where to go. It says to take them back to Zaxted starport, but then nothing happens what so ever. They don't get off my ship. Also when I join the Confederation, I get to the mission where I am supposed to destroy Spacefort Delta I can not find it in the Satori system. I start every time with a new pilot file. Also In the folder I only have the EV Turner and Final Battle.
Also I have EV 1.0.5. Thank you ahead of time for the replies.

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FB 3.0 is notoriously buggy. Final Battle 4.1 is available with pretty much all of the bugs fixed - try getting it from

It should solve your problems.


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What an idiot. You still had 3.0. Man you are so stupid.