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I've been playing GS for quite a long time and I realize that if you (for example) choose to help Astex you end up doing something w/ Diphia and at the end Diphia gets intoxicated of the polution, and if I help New Cynthiona, Lethe takes over their planet planet....
I guess thats the way it is, you're destiny is to become a galctic scourge at the end or is it just very easy to change sides???

Please reply if you know or even better made the plug


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The Lethe/Cydonia line is inevitable; if you want to avoid it, just stop accepting their missions. If you don't join forces with Astex, you won't poison Diphidia...I finished this plug while staying completely within the Diphidians good graces.

And you can avoid destroying the galaxy by not dominating planets...a mistake I made, I'll admit. Whoopsy. 😉 Eventually, you'll get the 'save the universe' mission, which makes you an honored leader. Huzzah, huzzah.

All common sense, you see.

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You will find that in Galactic Scourge the security protocols vary with governments. The Confeds, Rebels, and Pirates are pretty strict, while the planet-states are less organized. There are also trigger missions. For example, you will not always get the "Save the Universe" (typical Human overstatement) mission even if you have followed that wicked path. The same is true with the destruction of New Cydonia. It is very easy to go part way, just get the technology, without the messy legal battle that follows, depending on what seemingly unrelated mission you have done.

In the specific case of Diphidia/Astex, one can progress through the missions as a double agent (if you keep both planets liking you) to a point, then the security impoves and you are locked onto one side or the other. If you have destroyed Diphidia, then you chose one path. The destruction of Antares is unrelated to any Diphidia action.

Detailed information about missions can be found at (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...e/cheaters.html(/url)




You mean there's missions in that plug? I must have gotten a buggy version :frown:

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Originally posted by OctoberFost:
**You mean there's missions in that plug? I must have gotten a buggy version:frown:

What??!! There are 140 new missions and lots of altered old ones. Did you use all the pieces of the plugin?