Is there a risk when you have a sheild booster?

Is there a risk (like it said in the outfiting description)? I am wondering if it is true or it is a clever Matt Burch way of keeping you away from it. Oh, and while I'm at it, does the missions when you get (I say get because you finallly get to destroy those confeds)to destroy the traiter, s.s. hannable have any significence to getting the alien missions. I ask this because i attempted to talk to the traiter and it said it was an alien frigate.
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dont hurt the confed but board the dead

No and no. if you got a strange message, you've probably got another plugin somewhere that's screwing you up.

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I've never expirienced the 'risk' of having a shield booster, but I never found it to be much good either. It's much more important
to avoid being hit in the first place.


There is no risk whatsoever; like you said, it is merely a way that Matt Burch got some people to avoid using it. However, it really doesn't improve shield performance that much; like scotcruiser said, it is more important to avoid getting hit than using your money to buy boosters and capacitors. Try spending that cash on weapons; that way, you can dispose of your enemies quicker, and they won't have an opportunity to hit you. 😉


Or, if you are a peaceful trader type, like me, spend your money on an afterburner, fuel scoop (to get back fuel lost using the afterburner), scanners, sensors, etc. And try not to get anyone too made at you (except that doesn't work for renegades and pirates very well!)


I resent those mentions about the shield booster not upgrading you very much. Did you ever put one on a Rapier? Oh, baby!

And anyway, what if you use the cloaking device? You need to get your shields up after using that.

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I think that it would be rather funny to buy one of those shield boosters, and in the middle of a battle, get a "Full System Failure" message in your screens just when you're under attack by a few Kestrels and trying to hyper away. 😉

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Yeah, there are some wierd errors like that thing with the frigate. On the Alien mission with confeds, you get an escort, a confed cruiser, that's a rebel transponder on the comm dialouge... Strange but true.

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I think it would be hilarious if my ship went against an alien cruiser and all systems just failed. That would be the highlight of my day. If that were the risk I was taking when I bought those stupid things I wouldn't have even bothered with them. It is a good thing that it doesn't do that but it would make for some very interesting stories about battles if it did happen every once in a while. Kind of like "I was about to deal the finishing blow in the three and a half hour battle when all of a sudden all my systems failed. There was no manueverability or anything and the enemy came up and blew my ship away." That would be a story worth laughing at.

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