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This newbie is stuck

First of all, I'd like to say that I am very impressed with this game. The graphics are awesome, and the gameplay is compelling.

However, I am completely stuck at the very beginning of the game. The only spell I've learned is the shield spell. I can't seem to move anything or kill anything, and the furthest I've gotten is the Song Cave. I have not been able to figure out the correct song to open the special door in that cave.

I can't get around any of the rocks that are blocking my access to other parts of the game, nor work the controls for the various doors that I have encountered (i.e., those things with the big pearls in them).

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I've been over every inch of the areas I can reach multiple times, and I'm making no progress. Probably the most exciting thing I've done is ride the seahorse...

Any small hints you can give to get me unstuck would be much appreciated.

You need to find a song in order to open the door. You should look closely at the background, the answer is well hidden...

For an outright spoiler, (I wouldn't highlight this if I were you; Aquaria is much better played without spoilers)


The four notes that open the door are cyan, purple, yellow and orange-red. The sequence should form a square, with the first notes starting low and going up and the last two notes starting high and going down. This will lead into an area where you can find the spell to move rocks.

If you find the song to open the door, the rest should follow.

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I get the feeling that you don't play many computer games, or at least this type of puzzle game.

Generaly, when you can't get past something, like a rock, you will most likely get somehting that will help you get past that later in the game. This way, the game dev can restrict where you can go, and reward you for finding new items etc.

This is a common feature in a lot of puzzle games.

Hey hey now, even an expert at puzzle games can sometimes get frustratingly stuck over something relatively simple 😉
I got stuck here for little bit, not because I couldn't find the song but because I didn't know how to use it correctly.

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I got the hint straight away in that area. It's other areas that I had trouble with (and still am)...

OK. Where exactly are you stuck now? Once you've figured out the Song Cave, your new abilities should let you into another area.

I'd like to figure them out on my own, thank ye very much.

There is a 3 note song which will allow you to drag boulders out of the way and the song can be learned in the song cave. Make sure you explore it completely.

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