has anyone beaten That Quantumire Triology MOD

I was just wondering if anyone knew of the different mission strings, please e-mail me a list of them, I know that i have completed several of them but i am not sure if I have completed all. I've only been flying for the Feds. Are there any pirate or tarkyl mission strings?
thanks for any help
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PS:if i have completed all the missions, can anyone recomend a new plug worth using.

Isn't a MOD a music file? Answering your question, I have no idea.

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yes, sorry i do believe MOD is related to something musical. Some supposedly computer genius friend of mine called it a MOD, I'll just call it a plug from now on. But I really could use any help


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Well I played Quantumire till the end, though it was a yaer ago. I don't think there are any pirate or tyrkil msn. To be sure just open it in EV Edit and take a quick look. I don't know what missions you did, but basicly you have to do Feds msn., Davids msn., kill nori(it's Japanese) looking aliens at the north-east and M'liky, do portal missions. I think there were some msn. for Atlantines and the aliens who live close to them (I'm not sure though). Probably that's all. Well, as I said there are may be some more, I just don't remember. If you don't wonna spoil fun of playing(by openning the plug through EV Edit), ask David (creator of the plug) for a hint. Basicly I think that when you get enough money to buy War Cruiser (by doing missions), you probably have done all of them.


I've been playing Quantumire myself, and I finished David's missions. Since then I haven't gotten any special kind of missions. Also, I notice at least four systems (Xxyt, Trylibt for two) on the far right of space that I can't find the jumps to. Perhaps, the plugin is incomplete. Would the Jump System get me there?

You right. It happened to you too, hah. I talked to David about this problem when I was playing plug-in. When I finished David's missions, I couldn't get anything new for a long time (just rutine Fed missions). Well David (plug's creator) said that there shouldn't be any problem, but there is. So finally I went to EV-Edit and changed the bit required for the next mission. You may call this cheating (I didn't like doing it myself eather) but I just wanted to finish the game. So if you do the same thing you'll get to the portal missions.


That reminds me I came close to beating Quantumire Trilogy I did something about rescuing the Quantumire and something about defending Melrth'rwl against the Mth'kly. =P I was in a WarCruiser, FYI.

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I haven't used EV-Edit before. I doubt it's worth the downloading and guessing around on which bit to flip.

Guess I'll have to let this one go.