What happened to..?

To those who know:
What happened or happening to Gap, Xianu Overide, White Star Rising, Dune plug-ins. Are they all dead? I'm visiting those site, nothing seem to move there.
Also what is the status for Nova, Cold Blood and .................. I mean is any major plug-in gonna be released any time soon (May, June). Are there any specific dates?



Originally posted by Slav:
**Also what is the status for Nova...

-message snipped-

I would watch this space over the next fortnight concerning Nova. I have the oddest feeling that there might be an announcement of sorts regarding its completion...


I have a plugin that needs to look cool or half done by June. Once school's out, i'd have more time... So..

Ditto for WSR - I'll have more time to do my part, and so will Whitey.


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Cobalt Project should be out mid/late June. Isn't "major", but does add 30 something missions and changes the galaxy somewhat after certain missions are complete.

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