GS doesnt work properly!?

I go the Galactic Scourge plugin and it is fantastic. THere is however some sort of problem. I recently completed a mission where the confeds gave me the Particle Beam. It shows up as a secondary weapon but when I try to fire it, the game crashes. I am running EV on a PC w/ 64 mb RAM using the Executor emulator. I have no other problems and I was wondering if there was any fix.


It's probably 'cause you're on a PeeCee. 😛

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What's a plug-in? Were can I get some?


A plug-in is a file you download from (url="http://"")http://www.ambrosias.../ev/addons.html(/url) and when put in the EV Plug-ins folder it expands or changes the game in some way. Some plugs only add a ship, while others replace everything with a whole new story.

However lets try and keep these questions on topic ok?

Cpt_Kolath: true it may be because you are on a wintel machine some things don't work as well as they would on their native platform, but I've heard reports that beam weapons have been buggy in EV and even EVO, EVO 1.02 should fix all those bugs.


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ok thanks Chamrin


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Sorry about that Captain, we have never had that kind of crash. If you are handy with resedit (could be bad on a PC) you can chop out the beam and use the default weapon from EV. Ours is a short burst, but stronger, but it still sucks.