Calling all EV/EVO fans

We are currently looking for 3 new admins for the Escape Velocity and EV Override web sites.

Jude will continue to handle the Chronicles, but we are looking for people for HHunter, Jericon, and Captain Scurvey to pass the torch on to. It's not that they have done a bad job, but no one can continue being active forever. I'd like to personally thank all of them for the help they've given to us and to the community already, and a special thanks to Captain Scurvy for making an effort to describe most of the EV Override files.

Before you offer to volunteer, please read this excerpt from the "Ambrosia Web Site Admin Handbook":


While your role as an admin is an asset to community that is built around a particular game, it's a responsibility as well as a privilege. People depend on you to keep the web site reasonably up to date, and though we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish this, there still is some work involved.

If at any time you feel you can't diligently perform your duties as an admin, consider that it might be time to pass the torch on to someone else who can. Should this happen, or should you need any other kind of assistance, please contact and elaborate on the situation: don't take it in your own hands to "hire" anyone to assist you.


Responsibilities of an admin include reviewing and releasing files people upload (making sure they all have a proper description), reviewing and releasing Newswire items people submit, reviewing and releasing Chronicles people write, moderating the Web Board, verifying links in the Web Links area, and general community support.

I estimate that it will take a few hours per week to perform these duties.

If you are interested in the position, please first consider if you have the time and motivation to undertake such an enterprise. If you still are interested, please eMail me:

a) Your preferred eMail address
🆒 Your Ambrosia Web Board user name
c) Any comments you have about why you'd like the position

Thanks in advance. Our goal is to have 4 admins working in tandem to keep the site actively updated.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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Hm. I suppose something this important isn't on a first come, first served basis ?


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