The Soviet hath returned!...

Well folks, I am back from my little Spring Break trip. Anyways, I found an LC160 for $100 I wonder if anyone knew anything about these, and whether or not this would be a good deal... 100 for a notebook ain't bad... might make a nice toy 😃

Anyways, I think I have read what I have missed, if anyone had replied to something I said and didn't get an answer, you might point it out... just incase I missed 😉


Unwelcome back, arsehole. 😛

OpenGL Avara!

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Check the old "Origin of Basilisk" debate. Some interesting developments. Just try and read it the whole way through before posting a reply. 😉


**** off again!!!!!

Legalise all drugs and criminalise all politicians!!!!!!!


Andrew M wrote:
**Unwelcome back, arsehole.:p

Andrew, I really must admire your witty repartee.
Couldn't have given him a better welcome myself.
It sounds as if you know him personally?
Kevin Jordan


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Kevin exactly WHAT IS your deal with me? Are you simply upset with me for your not finishing our witty discussion? I meant no harm by it, but if you took it further than that I should apoligize.

tear it down

I feel that I should comment on this whole "diss out mikee as mich as possible" thing I see going on. This being an EV/O discussion board, and not a bash-other-people-because-they-made-one-sharp-remark board, you people should rerally be a little more nice. At the risk of sounding like a moderator - if any of you guys know mikee personally, and have issues with him, please resolve them outside of this board. It's giving the board an unpleasant atmosphere.

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