blue crystals and metalic orbs

Help. I am new to gaming and love this game. It took a while but I finally defeated the energy god. now the world is even bigger than I could imagin. My problem is I don't know how to operate the blue crystals or the metalic orbs (marked with the dumb bell shape on the maps). Can anyone give me some hints please. I am still fighting the mother, I know what I need to do but damn I have died so many times.

Blue Crystals are used with a special form you learn much later in the game. The "metallic orbs" can be opened with a different form you might get soon.

Though you might not want to turn around now, the Mother will be easier to beat if you learn a little more first. Perhaps you can explore in a different direction from Open Waters (look for the indicator bubbles on your map).

If there's one thing Aquaria has taught me, it is to look at ALL possible options, not just the ones that pop into your head in the first five minutes. Also, since it appears that you're dying a lot, perhaps you should experiment with recipes as you explore.

The strategy wiki for aquaria recipes has most of the useful ones and some that aren't useful. I found the list very helpful. Just search google for "aquaria recipes" and the first link will be the wiki.

Is it possible to make recipes that you haven't discovered yet? I've never tried, but I've always just assumed I'd get a sea lump if I hadn't discovered the recipe in that game.

Yes, most recipes you won't get by finding food around the place. You need to experiment.

Yes. For example, there is only one sea cake to be found in the entire game, which is strange, since it is the base for so many other "cake" recipes.

Wow. I'm glad to know that now. It will definitely help on a new game starting up. As for the sea cake, I'm sure it was in an obvious location.

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