Anything out in April?

To anybody who has the answer:
Are there gonna be any new plug-ins released in April. I'm jumping through the EV sites (most of them not been updated since last year) and can't find the answer.
Also I thought the NOVA guyes were saying something about releasing it in March (I may be wrong).


Yes, my new plug-in "Mugabi and Destiny" (5M) is nearly finished, as well as a version for female EV players "Mugabi and Destiny... for her" (5M). It will take over where the Alien missions in the original EV leave off, and will be full of surprises.... I have a short preview on my new "Mugabi..." webpage at (url="http://"")http://members.home....ianddestiny.htm(/url)

Mace means no.

Satori Station should be done by early to mid april. It takes over were the Rebel missions end.

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The PC plug should be done by the end of April, but i don't know how much time i will have to work on it. All it is, is extra missions for Rebels (Plus a few confeds)

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