Firebird-Mike Lee, read please

If you are still going to go through with Levetron, I'm still willing and able to help you with it.

Also, can't you get EVGE at the Archives? I thought you could....oh well.


btw- Don't forget about my pers!;)


Okay, great, I'll let you know when I find the time to do some stuff...I could mention lots of non-EV-related stuff but I won't, and I don't really need to at this point.

As for EVGE, I should probably upload it to the archives (as in upd 2).

The pers? Well, maybe you should make a bigger contribution. I'll put it in anyway, and you can hope that Stoffe leaves it in there. 😛

Mike Lee (Firebird)

Hey I offered before, you said you didn't need anything at the time, what do you need? Want me to go through it again and see if I can find any misspelled works or something for ya? 🙂

Really though, email me if there's anything you need done, I'm good for it 😉