EV Game Expander Download - Where?

I tried to download the EV Game Expander plug (visit (url="http://"http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/4624/download.html")http://www.geocities...4/download.html(/url) ), and IT WON'T WORK!!!!! Does anyone know of an alternate download site?

Also, to summarize my unanswered questions from other posts:
-How/Can I fix the Asteroid glitch in the "Space Rocks" plug?
-Is anyone willing to create ship plugs for a shipyard I found (read "Anyone up for some Plug-in creation?")?
-Does anyone have the social life (or, rather, lack thereof) required to make an accurately mapped, etc. Star Wars plug?
-Why do I ask so many **** questions (just felt I should throw that one in there)?

I'll be on vacation for the next week (won't be back until about 3/19), and I won't get to use the internet much. If you post a reply to this that requires a response from me, just be patient. Or ignore me. Whatever.

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Does anyone know of an alternate download site?

Well, if you have Hotline, you can go to the Starlight Hotline server and grab it there. Otherwise you'll have to wait until I get the EV Game Expander website up (this time under Levetron Productions), but I need web hosting first, which is extremely hard to find (with the features I need, although it shouldn't be).

I don't know about the asteroid glitch in the "Space Rocks" plug-in.

You're not supposed to create ship plugs for a shipyard you "find" but don't create without permission from the person who created the shipyard - those are meant to be used in plug-ins that involve SOME creativity.

Accurately mapped Star Wars? That's news to me.

Five questions isn't a lot.

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My current and complete lack of social activity would permit me to do a Star Wars map. Just give me some more details on the topic

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