I want...

I want moderators to close "I want EV for PC topics" instead of letting them run wild. Is there any chance of this ever happening.

Watch, this topic is going to be closed by 2:00 CST today. (It's 10:50 CST now)

"It is not polution that is harming the ecosystem, it is the impurities in air and water that are harming it."
-Dan Quayle

Yeah, I agree. Its also one of my problems with this board format; old posts linger like a bad fart. (sorry, best phrase I could think of, I just got up) Stuff like "Whats your favorite ship?" or other 'polls' like that, which came and went on the old boards, stay, collecting tons of posts, most of which are rather unimportant. Oh well, I just wish that people would delete their own posts; I have with most of mine.