I want...

I want Escape Velocity on my PC :frown:
any chance of this ever happening?


Yeah, there's a chance. A 0% chance.

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I would like to know how often these things show up. There should be a BIG banner that said "NO PC USERS ALLOWED". Unless you want to be insulted, never mention this topic here again.576520616C6C2068617465205043AB732C57696E626C6F77732C2042696C6C2067617465732C206F7220616E797468696E672072656C6174656420746F207468656D2E205468656E2077652073686F756C642068617465 20796F752E. 😛

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i remember a bet on how many of these posts there would be whoever said that there would be at least 3. They won.
Advice, 1)not a good topic to bring up unless you want to be flamed
2)check the history before you make any post that could be repetive(sp)
3)stop complaining and get a mac 😛

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Bozorg wrote:
576520616C6C2068617465205043AB732C57696E626C6F77732C2042696C6C2067617465732C206F7220616E797468696E672072656C6174656420746F207468656D2E205468656E2077652073686F756C642068617465 20796F752E.



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Basilisk wrote:
E6C79207069747920796F752E **


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